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Evangelical Times (ET) is Britain's largest circulation evangelical non-denominational newspaper. ET is an attractive 32 page tabloid newspaper published a few days before the first of each month. It addresses current topics of interest to Christians of all denominations, with news, comment and interpretation. You can subscribe via this website.

Evangelical Times online edition (ET Online) is a low price option, designed mainly for non-UK readers, which avoids the high cost of airmail postage. It is designed to be read on-screen but is otherwise identical in content and frequency to the hard-copy newspaper.

ET incorporates Youth Features each month and an annual Holiday Churches supplement every June which lists details of over 500 evangelical churches in UK and abroad. Each December we produce a Christmas evangelistic issue with a circulation of 30,000 copies which is available in bulk at greatly reduced cost for distribution by churches and individuals.

But ET is not just a newspaper. It contains relevant and readable articles and analyses on topics as varied as church history, biography, science and ethics, Bible doctrine and exposition, ministry, and trends in evangelicalism. Each month we carry a World Mission feature in full colour which pinpoints work in some area of the world.

Many churches and individuals find ET a valuable and stimulating Christian resource.

Cover price £1.30. Free delivery to church agents. Generous trade discounts and free delivery for bookshops. Please phone us on 01325 380232 for further details.

You can subscribe via this website.

You can contact us by email office@evangelical-times.org or by using this contact form:



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