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The Surprising story of David Michell (Part 2)

April 2017 Taken from the notes of a fraternal address by Paul Brown

An account of the origin of Chefoo School and David Michell’s journey to the school has already been given and is available here. After the Japanese attack on Pearl harbour and the entry of...

Christian books for Gibraltar

September 2015

School children in Gibraltar will now have far greater access to Christian literature, thanks to a Christian bookshop and charity partnership. Six schools have just received more than 1500 books...

Keswick 2015 draws crowds

September 2015

Around 15,000 people attended the 140th anniversary of the Keswick Convention during three weeks this July.  The convention included Bible teaching, worship, seminars, concerts and programmes...

The Modern Slavery Act 2015

May 2015

The Modern Slavery Bill has received Royal Assent after completing its passage through parliament and become an Act. The Modern Slavery Act 2015 is the first piece of dedicated legislation on...

Personal view: Does the Swedish Model work?

February 2015 David McCracken

Is there a solution for controlling and reducing prostitution? Criminalising prostitution has failed; legalising it has failed; ignoring it has failed. So Sweden tried something new — the...

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