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Conference - Connected

May 2017 Andrew Binns

After running for 28 years as the ‘North of England church officers’ conference’, we met at Dewsbury Evangelical Church on Saturday 4 March, under a new name —...

Conference - Great Whyte seminar

May 2017 Colin Silvester

Great Whyte Baptist Church in Ramsey, Cambridgeshire, invited Christians from the area to a seminar, on 25 February 2017. The speaker was Rev. John Martin from the Medway Fellowship in...

Conference - Psalms for the journey

May 2017 Simoney Kyriakou

Hundreds of people gathered in Westminster Chapel, London, for ‘Our Daily Bread Ministries’ 2017 Bible conference. Entitled ‘Psalms for the journey’, it comprised four talks...

Conference - Treasuring Christ

May 2017 Seamus Bradley

It was a real blessing to have Tim Challies over with us in Ballygomartin Baptist Church, all the way from Ontario, Canada. The well known author, blogger and pastor kindly accepted an invitation to...

Education - Redcliffe initiative

May 2017

Mission college Redcliffe, which was set up in 1892 for aspiring female missionaries, has created 25 scholarships to help underprivileged students. The scholarships will help students, men and women...

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