A Cloud of Witnesses

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cloud.jpgThis book is a collection of nine biographical sketches with a prologue by the late pastor David Fountain. It relates the story of ongoing faithfulness among eighteenth-century Christians namely Hercules Collins, William Mitchel, Anne Dutton, Abraham Booth, John Ryland Jr, John Thomas, Coxe Feary, Samuel Pearce and John Sutcliff. It also tells of the blessing that came to their communities later in that century. It is a story that will thrill, encourage and challenge the readers.

Michael Haykin is Principal of Toronto Baptist Seminary in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and a Senior Fellow of the Jonathan Edwards Centre for Reformed Spirituality. He also serves as Adjunct Professor of Church History at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky, USA. He is also the author of Defence of the Truth; Jonathan Edwards: the Holy Spirit in Revival; Kiffin Knollys and Keach and One Heart One Soul.

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Author Name Michael Haykin

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