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heaven.jpgWriting in a way which is clear and easy to understand, Gordon Keddie gives a ‘guided tour’ on the subject of heaven. He starts by demolishing common misconceptions about heaven and then rebuilds on the foundation of the Bible. Using many biblical references, he answers questions such as: 'What is heaven like? Where is it? How do you get there? Who will inhabit heaven? What will we be like in heaven?' and 'Are we in any condition to go to heaven?'

The final chapter is a solemn reminder that there is only one way to heaven and no second chance in eternity. Straight to the point and continuously challenging, this booklet addresses believers and unbelievers alike.

The second in a series of booklets that aims to make selected writings from Evangelical Times available in a more permanent and accessible form. Preaching Christ by Edgar Andrews, the first book in the series, has proved a very popular book.

‘Alive in Christ, and walking in the Spirit, we are called and equipped to be so heavenly-minded that we will be of great earthly use. We need to know more of heaven, more of glory, more of Christ. Let us then seek — and set our minds on — things above, where Christ is. Then we will live and labour in Christ’s kingdom here, as those whose home is heaven.’

Rev. Gordon J. Keddie trained at the Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, USA and is at present the minister of Southside Reformed Presbyterian Church, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

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Author Name Gordon Keddie

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