Preaching Christ - Edgar Andrews

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preach.jpgPreaching Christ is the first in the series of ET Perspectives and sets out a biblical case for believing that Christ-centred preaching is the only authentic preaching for the Christian Church today. Eminently readable, the booklet is intended not only for those who preach but also for those who listen!

Starting with the question ‘What shall we preach?’ the booklet sets out a Christ-centred approach that views the whole Bible as a testimony to Jesus Christ and his redeeming work. But these chapters are more than theology, they will warm the heart and clarify the mind as they dwell upon such themes as ‘The unsearchable riches of Christ’, ‘Preaching the atonement’ and ‘Heralding the Saviour.

They also address practical issues such as ‘Preaching Christ to Christians’ and ‘Preaching Christ from the Old Testament’, showing by examples how Christ can be preached from obscure passages without unjustified allegorical interpretations.


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Author Name Edgar Andrews

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teaching those things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ with all confidence