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The breaking dawn

As soldiers of Christ we must ‘stand to’, and guard the good which has been deposited in each one of us — the gospel — proclaiming the love of God in Jesus Christ to all. 

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The Reformation

If those uncompromising sixteenth century persecutors of the Reformers could make a time-journey to us today, would they find anything in our evangelical churches to upset their sensibilities? 

Is it salvation by Christ alone that permeates our witness?

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The age of the earth and why it matters

The original world God made was very special: only perfection, harmony, beauty and loveliness could satisfy Him. 

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State oppression

With prosecutors telling courtrooms the Authorised Version has no place in modern society, ET asks, how much further will censorship of Christians now go in the UK?

Are we returning to a seventeenth century-type oppression of biblical Christianity?

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