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Politics – Westminster attack

May 2017

The Christian Institute (CI) has urged prayer for British MPs after the act of terrorism, which saw the deaths of five people at Westminster and others seriously injured.

It commented that while it is right to ‘pray for the grieving families and the dozens injured, Christians must also pray for those in authority over us (1 Timothy 2:1-2)’. The CI urged the community of Christ to ‘pray for protection from terrorism, for our police and security services and that the government will know wisdom’.

Such wisdom is necessary, the CI urged, because the government is still working through its extremism policies. These include the unpopular ideas of having Ofsted monitor out-of-school children’s groups and promoting British Values in schools, in order to counter the influence of parental ideology at home.

However, the CI warned there are ‘inherent problems with this approach, not least the definition of what constitutes “extreme” beliefs’. Last month, ET reported that there was still no agreed definition for what ‘extremism’ was, despite the push to bring in anti-extremist laws in the UK.

After the attacks, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association dispatched trained chaplains to central London, as part of their rapid response team, to be present and to pray with members of the public.