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Induction – Wick Harbour Mission

May 2017 | by Mike Finnis

Pastor and missionary Gilbert McAdam has started a new chapter of his ministry on the northern coast of Scotland, with his wife Emily and their 10-year-old adopted daughter from the Philippines.

Mr McAdam, 66, was inducted as minister of Wick Harbour Mission on 31 March, answering the prayers of the church’s five women members who kept the cause alive since the death of former pastor Jimmie Cormack in 2008.

Mr McAdam is recently returned from 19 years’ service with Grace Baptist Mission in the Philippines, where he was pastor of Calvary Reformed Baptist Church and a teacher at the Grace Ministerial Academy in Manila.

He was previously pastor of Trinity Baptist Church, Dundee. The link with Wick was forged during a five-month return to Scotland last year, to enable daughter Claire to meet UK adoption requirements.

Mr McAdam said, ‘I believe this is where God has brought me. His providence is remarkable. At one time, I thought of Wick as beyond civilisation. I had never been north of Inverness. But the congregation were very warm towards us and we have had a very happy time here’.

He said a major factor in his call was the dire spiritual state of Scotland, which has seen a major spiritual decline. However, Mr McAdam said his wife and daughter liked life in Scotland, adding, ‘They don’t seem to mind the cold. For a little girl from the tropics, Claire has adapted remarkably well. She has to be nagged to put on extra clothing when it is cold’.

Hanney connection

A full house of about 140 gathered for his induction, with Jack Seaton and Dr Nick Needham, of Inverness Reformed Baptist Church, and Conrad Pomeroy, of Trinity Baptist Church, Dundee, taking part, while Mark Fisher, of Hanney Chapel, Oxfordshire, brought greetings from his church which has long had links with Wick Harbour Mission.

Attending Pastor McAdam’s induction was a party of 16 well-wishers from Hanney Chapel, Oxfordshire, who made a 1400-mile round trip for the occasion. They were there to see the fruition of the dream of former member Helen Lundqvist, who died after illness last August. Mrs Lundqvist was raised in the Wick fellowship, which was founded by her father Alexander ‘Sandy’ Cormack in the early 60s. Her brother Jimmie preached there for the next four decades after his father’s death in 1969.

Wick was then served by preachers from different parts of the UK, including Mrs Lundqvist’s husband, Gunnar, an elder at Hanney. Hanney pastor Mark Fisher and his wife Miriam were among the contingent from Hanney. He said the support showed the close connections between the churches formed over the years through Mr and Mrs Lundqvist and her family; also, the links through Mr McAdam’s work with the nearby Grace Baptist Mission.

‘We are really pleased God has provided for Wick Harbour Mission. Helen was always praying for somebody to be provided there. It was so lovely for her that she knew Gilbert was coming’.

Mr Lundqvist, 73, a Swedish nuclear engineering consultant, was married to his wife for more than 40 years after meeting her in Edinburgh while on an evangelistic campaign from Sweden. ‘It’s amazing that so many made the effort to be there’, he said. ‘Helen would have been so delighted. We had prayed many times for the folk at Wick’.

Mike Finnis


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