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May 2017 | by Andrew Rowell

This month we will be making a transition to our brand new Evangelical Times website. We are delighted with its new appearance and the new ways of finding relevant articles.

We have been working very hard to integrate all our systems and streamline our administration. The new website is part of this process. We also have a new system to manage the website.

There are several features in the new website that we hope you will find useful. We have a new historical timeline, which we are using to provide easier access to all our historical articles. The missionary pages have been redesigned, with resources to help stimulate prayer for each country.

We are improving the process for entering church events. This will now be integrated with webpages showing details for each church, so that visitors who use church listings will also see if there are any special events taking place.

We hope this will help churches advertise their events more easily, and that you will be reminded to share reports with us, so that we can all be stimulated to pray for one another.

TruthVine and CloudTenCreative have partnered with us in this project and we are extremely grateful for the patient work of Sam Jack and Suzanne Lowery.

We look forward to welcoming readers of the newspaper as regular website visitors, and that a very rich library of evangelical material, generated over the years, will be even more accessible and useful to a worldwide audience.

Andrew Rowell

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