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Mission – Siloam in the Holy Land

May 2017

When settling into the Holy Land, refugee families suffer difficulties. Charity Siloam Christian Ministries aims to help such families, through a project called ‘Love to the Needy’.

As parents to three children, Lena and Valery know the distress of having lived in an area with frequent shelling. Although traumatised by their experience, Lena works hard to earn money. Valery labours too, despite severe asthma.

Now Lena requires expensive medical treatment. Gal, their 14-year-old son, must have medication to stabilise his epilepsy and help him sleep. Despite security difficulties, their nine-year-old twin daughters Liel and Michelle are adjusting well to their new life.

As a family, they currently enjoy assistance. Richard Norton, Siloam UK director, commented: ‘A follower of the Lord Jesus, Haim Barak, recognises the need to express the love of his Messiah to others. Reading the Scriptures convinced him that God wanted him to do this in practical ways. So, in 1997, he founded Love to the Needy.

‘Today he helps Lena and Valery, along with many other needy individuals and families. They range from poor children to elderly Holocaust survivors and refugees from war-torn areas’.

Basics such as food, furniture and hygiene items comprise some of the supplies. Messianic congregations, churches, and other ministries help support the project, for one purpose, ‘to demonstrate the love of the Lord’, Mr Norton added.

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