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Church – Help needed for Harris

April 2017 | by Iain Smith

The place of worship of the Harris (Leverburgh) congregation of the Free Church (Continuing) is situated in the village of Northton.

Prior to our occupation of it, the church property was underused and rather neglected for many years. Recently however, it has been given a new lease of life, with new windows and a new roof. A car park has also been constructed. It is the congregation’s desire to provide a suitable and modern place of worship.

Meanwhile, the property urgently requires a new porch and toilet facility. The interior also requires relining to replace damaged wall covering caused by years of water ingress.

For a small congregation this is quite a daunting challenge. Yet we do believe in the God of the impossible! We would covet the prayers of the wider Christian church that the Lord would bless his little flock here with encouragement. The congregation consists of members and adherents as well as some young folk. There is a settled ministry, with a kirk session of two elders and a minister.

The congregation and the community are delighted that one of our elders, Dr Andrew Naylor, has recently been awarded an MBE for his services to the medical profession and community.

Rev. Iain Smith