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Education – European School of Biblical Studies

April 2017

European Missionary Fellowship (EMF) has changed its School’s name to become the European School of Biblical Studies. The new branding and logo aim to promote the core values and vision of the School.

Principal Jörg Müller said: ‘The new logo, as part of the new visual identity of EMF, of which the School is very much a strategic part, symbolises the seed of God’s Word being scattered throughout Europe.

‘To this end, the School wants to train (and send) Christians and Christian leaders. In short, we want to invest in the next generation of European church planters, pastors, evangelists and other church leaders — and there really is no substitute for equipping to reach the lost’.

He commented that the work’s characteristics have been aptly encapsulated in three adjectives: committed, confident and collaborative. He said, ‘We pray that our foundation-level, six-month course will continue to facilitate Christians and Christian leaders to handle the Bible better and to fulfil the “Great European Commission”.’

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