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Conference – William Perkins conference

April 2017

Cambridge in May is the place to be if you want to attend the William Perkins conference at the iconic Round Church.

From 19-20 May, speakers such as Sinclair Ferguson, Joel Beeke and Geoff Thomas will be speaking on the life and ministry of 16th-century preacher William Perkins. The series of lectures will mark the culmination of a 12-day tour of England and Scotland, sponsored by the Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary.

William Perkins (1558-1602) had been a student at Cambridge and became involved in a spiritual brotherhood at the university that espoused Puritan convictions. Until his death, Perkins lectured and preached at Great St Andrew’s Church, Cambridge, and served as a teaching fellow at Christ’s College.

Perkins’ influence as a theologian continued unabated after his death. This was due in large part to the widespread popularity of his writings, which were translated into several European languages and greatly influenced British and American Reformed theology.

This conference is open to the public and free of charge. (More information from