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Youth – Mission Moses

February 2017 | by David Easton

Last year, Thornton Heath Evangelical Church ran a holiday Bible club with Joseph as a theme, and this year we chose the theme ‘Mission: Moses’. The Lord was so faithful and gave plenty of craft ideas and activities, as well as providing many people willing to give up their time, even taking it off from work.

Each day of the half-term week, children were given a Bible talk, taking them through the birth of Moses to the parting of the Red Sea. All the talks pointed to the saving power of Christ and the need for repentance and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a real blessing when the body of Christ unite to serve the Lord in such an important evangelistic and vital ministry, reaching out to young souls.

The reason it is important to hold holiday Bible clubs is that, in this day and age, children have it hard. So many children come from broken families or abusive situations, and all are being force-fed things that are contrary to the gospel of our precious Jesus.

Beneficial work

There is no longer stability and focus on wholesome truth that can govern their lives. So running a holiday Bible club is so important for children, as they hear the gospel first and foremost, while parents can be secure in knowing there is a safe place for their children to come and be children and have a good time.

Crafts done at the Mission: Moses holiday Bible club included making a three-dimensional burning bush (no real flames!) and a river with a basket on it. Some people were on hand to give out sweets or points and prizes to children who answered questions about the Bible talks, or who learned the verse, ‘The Lord shall supply all your needs’ (Philippians 4:19).

We find holiday Bible clubs beneficial for the church to work together, for the future ministries of the church and for the individual children.

On the last day of the week-long holiday Bible club, we gave an advert out to the children encouraging them to come to our Friday after-school club. Some more children have come to our weekly children’s ministries as a result. These children need our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

David Easton

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