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Mission- FIEC London director

February 2017

Trevor Archer has become the first ever London director of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC).

Mr Archer will officially move into the post when Adrian Reynolds joins as the Fellowship’s new training Director in April, to take on the role Mr Archer has served in since 2012.

As London director, Mr Archer will help the 76 FIEC churches within the M25 to better connect with one another, as well as developing stronger links between FIEC and other like-minded churches and gospel-hearted networks in London.

Formerly the pastor of Chessington Evangelical Church (The King’s Centre) and now serving as an elder at The Globe Church on London’s South Bank, Mr Archer is excited at the prospect of focusing all his energies on gospel growth in the city.

He said: ‘Many of the FIEC churches in London are growing and display an increasing heart to work more closely together, and with other evangelicals, in the massive need and challenge which London presents.

‘At the same time some of those churches, like others around Great Britain, are kept going by a faithful but ageing congregation. Therefore, I want to focus upon how we might help foster and grow a sense of “togetherness” in the gospel, as FIEC in London.

‘We need to get to know one another better and thereby seek to bring some coherency and cohesiveness to our identity as FIEC churches in the city’.

Mr Archer said one way of aiding this cohesiveness would be to gather pastors and leaders together in central London three times a year for an early evening gathering over food. ‘Most of all’, he added, ‘we need to pray, which must be at the heart of any such regular gathering’.