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Nation – Queen’s birthday book

February 2017

The millionth copy of The Servant Queen and the King she serves has been presented to Her Majesty the Queen.

The 64-page book, with a foreword from Her Majesty, was published jointly by Hope, Bible Society and the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity, and uses the Queen’s own words to draw out the central role of her Christian faith.

In the foreword to the book, HM the Queen said: ‘In my first Christmas broadcast, in 1952, I asked the people of the Commonwealth and Empire to pray for me as I prepared to dedicate myself to their service at my Coronation. I have been — and remain — very grateful to you for your prayers and to God for his steadfast love. I have indeed seen his faithfulness’.        

Since the book was published in February 2016, orders have flooded in from across the world. Moreover, many have been given out. For example, in Eastbourne 5,000 copies were given to carnival-goers on the seafront in the summer; 4,000 were given to every household in Mountsorrel, Leicestershire, as churches began 10 days of prayer for their community; 2,000 were given away at a royal birthday street party in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent; and army chaplains presented copies to serving members of the armed forces.

Roy Crowne, executive director of Hope, said: ‘We are still taking orders for more than a thousand copies a week. The Servant Queen has opened up lots of conversations about the Queen, her service to nation and Commonwealth, and the way Jesus Christ inspires Christians worldwide to serve people in their villages, towns and cities’.

This news came as HM The Queen was ill for several weeks over Christmas and the New Year, forcing her to miss church.

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