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Society – Hate crime consultation

February 2017

The Crown Prosecution Service held a consultation over the past few months on its policy regarding ‘homophobic and transphobic hate crime’.

However, Christian Concern (CC) has warned that, although the intent of the policy may be laudable, it undermines equality and limits freedom, and could have a draconian effect on any Christian who believes and upholds the Bible’s teaching.

CC said the consultation failed to specify what constitutes ‘stirring up hatred’, and ‘threatening’. Moreover, ‘abusive’ and ‘insulting’ were neither defined nor explained, and that the word ‘insulting’ had been removed from the Public Order Act 1986, because of the police’s inability to apply the law sensibly.

CC called it a ‘flawed policy’ that could see street preachers end up on the wrong side of the law for using a Bible verse ‘inappropriately’ under the proposed consultation.