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Education – Gender book

February 2017

A new guidebook — Can I tell you about gender diversity? — has been published for distribution to 120 schools in the UK. It instructs teachers, students and parents to stop using language which implies that there are only two biological genders, and tells the reader to stop using the terms ‘boys’ and ‘girls’.           

A report from the Mail on Sunday said the book describes boys who feel like boys and girl who feel like girls as ‘cisgender’, and proposes an array of alternative terms to describe gender and sexuality. The book is being distributed by the charity Educate & Celebrate.

Campaign group ‘Citizen Go’ has created a petition for concerned individuals to write to Justine Greening MP, the secretary of state for Education, to sign on its website at

The group is concerned that, while it is important to eradicate bullying in school, this attempt at social engineering through language control is no more than a ‘radical ideology that is apparently trying to erase differences between the sexes and which its proponents are attempting to force on our nation’s children’.

Citizen Go has cited the American College of Pediatricians’ research which has warned on the dangers of transgender ideology, which includes high rates of suicide among the transgender population, and the dangerous effects of hormone treatment, including infertility and is associated with an increased risk of blood clots, strokes and even cancer.

In 2016, a state law was passed in Massachusetts, which made it illegal for churches to teach biblical standards of gender and sexuality during any event open to the public – which includes sermons.

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