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Persecution UK – Adoption ban reconsidered

January 2017

A local council has agreed to reconsider a Christian couple’s offer to adopt their foster children, following the involvement of the Christian Legal Centre (CLC).

According to the CLC, the couple were initially told they could not adopt the children, because of their ‘concerning’ views about same-sex parenting. As Christians, the couple believe that children ideally need a mother and a father.

The CLC has worked with them and the council to resolve the situation. At a meeting in November last year, the council recognised that the initial rejection was wrong and agreed to reconsider its assessment. The couple will now be assessed by someone outside the council. 

The couple has been providing foster care to two young children since early this year. Reports from social workers praised them for their ‘lovely care’ and stated they ‘worked well with all professionals’.

When a social worker told them that a same-sex couple were being considered as adoptive parents for the children, the couple expressed surprise and concern. They then reiterated their offer to adopt the children themselves, arguing this would be the ‘best option for them and their emotional well-being’.

However, the council rejected their offer to adopt, saying that their views on same-sex parenting were ‘concerning’ and ‘could be detrimental to the long term needs of the children’.

Andrea Williams, director of the CLC, said, ‘We are encouraged by the progress and grateful that the council has recognised its mistake and adopted a more appropriate stance. It is a step in the right direction. These developments highlight the value of Christians standing together and, where appropriate, exposing the challenges that people are facing. 

‘There is still a long way to go, and we will continue to stand with this couple. Please pray with us that these young children are able to stay with them’.