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Event – Creation in the USA

December 2016

Truth In Science’s director Professor Andy McIntosh headed to North Carolina, US, in November, hosted by the Grace Reformed Baptist Church at Mebane.

The ministry was to students at two universities and meetings at the church, where 200 people listened to a talk on ‘The wonder of hearing’. He spoke on how the intricate design of the ear is ‘frankly a major example of what is called “irreducible complexity”: nothing works unless everything works’.

The three little bones turning the acoustic signal from the air into a pumping action to the inner ear liquid are an exquisite example of brilliant design engineering, Prof. McIntosh told students, as there is almost 100 per cent efficiency of signal transmission. The ear has other amazing design features, which defy evolutionary development.

Prof. McIntosh also spoke at the Bradford Academy School, where about 50 pupils listened avidly to a talk on flight. In his latest newsletter, he commented: ‘Their sharp minds were thoroughly engaged in the science of bird flight, and again the argument of irreducible complexity.

‘There is no point in having two wings with no tail or other vital controls, and a feather itself on its own is a marvel of lightweight engineering, as hooked barbules in one direction slide over ridged barbules in the opposite direction. No naturalism argument can explain how such a system arose without a designer’.

The picture shows the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill), where 350 students turned up for the talk, on Thursday 3 November, on ‘A sceptical look at atheism’. A good number were evidently not believers.  

The line Prof. McIntosh took was that atheism not coherent about the science of origins, rationality (where does your mind come from?), meaning and truth, and, finally, morality. Afterwards a good number received personally a copy of Verna Wright’s booklet The relevance of Christianity in a scientific age.