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International – Help for Haiti

December 2016

Haiti is recovering from another devastating weather front, and Christian organisations such as Siloam Christian Ministries, in partnership with Childcare Worldwide (CCW), are providing ongoing critical care.

Richard Norton, Siloam’s UK director, said, ‘We want to relieve suffering and recognise that the impoverished benefit from a “hand-up” rather than a mere hand-out. On the ground, CCW partners distribute Critical Care Packs — everything from food staples to basic hygiene products to protect family health’.

Such Haitian families include Paul and his wife Monise. They live in a simple shack with their little boy Widnaika, daughter Wendy and Monise’s mother. Paul tries to plant vegetables, but the poor soil does not yield good crops.

Everyone was overjoyed when the CCW team unloaded staples. But countless families like this suffer in the wake of devastation (