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Inductions – Whittlesey Baptist Church

November 2016 | by Graham Abblitt

Paul Kosciecha was inducted into the pastorate of Whittlesey Baptist Church in Cambridgeshire on 3 September.

Mr Kosciecha has moved to Whittlesey with his wife Anita and their four children, Matthew, Nathan, Caleb and Vanessa. He joins the eldership team, alongside Graham Abblitt, Roger Brand and Steve Philpott.

Members of Whittlesey Baptist Church were joined by many friends for the induction service. Roger gave testimony to how the church had experienced the guidance of God and been led to a unanimous decision to call Mr Kosciecha as pastor. He thanked those who had supported the church in various ways over recent years.

Mr Kosciecha spoke of how he and Anita had come to the assurance that it was God’s calling for him to become pastor of a church they had never heard of just a year previously.

Thanksgiving and prayer were offered to God for the church and, specifically, for Mr Kosciecha and his family. The sermon was preached by Pastor Johnny Prime of Enfield Evangelical Free Church, a friend of the family through the FIEC.

The sermon was on 1 Samuel 23 and finding strength in God. Pastor Prime spoke of how finding strength in God is something we each need to do, in our human frailty and weakness. The following day marked the beginning of the new pastor’s preaching ministry, in which he began a series in the Gospel of John.

Mr Kosciecha was brought up in Watford in a Christian home. He attended St James Road Baptist Church through his early years and was saved at the age of 11.

He studied at Leeds University, and met his wife, Anita, in Leeds. He then served as a volunteer on the pastoral team at Leeds Reformed Baptist Church for a year, before a three-year student pastorate at Leominster Baptist Church while completing a BA in theology.

He has been a pastor for 11 years, including in Wellington, Herefordshire, and then for nearly eight years at Lonlas, Swansea.

Graham Abblitt