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Conferences – Festival of Grace, Gaulby

November 2016 | by Adrian Freer

The 17th annual Gaulby Festival of Grace was held on Saturday 10 September, at St Peter’s Parish Church, Gaulby, Leicestershire. About 60 were present and were blessed with excellent ministry and warm fellowship.

The Gaulby Reformed Evangelical Anglican Fellowship is one of the Church of England (CofE) fellowships in Leicestershire where the doctrines of the English Reformers are upheld. It subscribes to the Thirty-Nine Articles and regularly uses the 1662 Book of Common Prayer in its evening services.

The subject was ‘The need for continuing biblical ministry’. Our first speaker was Tom Woolford from Church Society, who addressed the current situation within the CofE and outlined tensions between the conservative and the modernising wings, especially over the ordination of women priests and bishops and over ‘same-sex marriage’. Around one third of the Anglican clergy still identify themselves as evangelical.

Our second speaker was Tim Burden from Middle East Reformed Fellowship, which spreads the gospel throughout the Middle East and North Africa using broadcasting, the internet and social media.

It was interesting to learn, and is little reported in the media, that in many of these countries a multitude of young people are dissatisfied with their religion, which they see as one of conflict and division, offering little prospect for peace now, and no hope for the future.

Mr Burden informed us about their training facility at Lokichoggio, in north west Kenya, where ministers and their wives from the West lead short-term training modules for pastors and evangelists from South Sudan and other countries.

Our final speaker was Rev. Andrew Young, from Cheltenham Presbyterian Church, who spoke from 2 Timothy on these ‘last days’. Mr Young challenged us to have an unwavering confidence in God’s Word, which is totally sufficient as the sole rule of faith and life.

The event was concluded by singing ‘Amazing grace’ and was followed by a delicious buffet tea and time of fellowship. We look forward to the 2017 Gaulby Festival of Grace, on Saturday 9 September.