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Mission – Guernsey broadcasts

November 2016

During September, Prof. Andy McIntosh and his wife Juliet visited Guernsey, which he described as ‘a most beautiful island, with cliffs on the south and sandy beaches along the north and west’.

Prof. McIntosh said: ‘The opportunity in Guernsey spiritually, was most valuable. The Thursday main meeting on 22 September saw about 150 in St James Hall, in St Peter Port. A number of atheists came along with questions, and some took Verna Wright’s excellent booklet on The relevance of Christianity in a scientific age.

On the Thursday morning, Prof. McIntosh took part in a 45-minute discussion on BBC Radio Guernsey. He said, ‘I have never been given so much air time as that before (certainly on the BBC!) and it was a real answer to prayer.

‘The local newspaper also gave a good write up, which put La Villiaze Evangelical Congregational Church on the map for their 200th anniversary celebrations — it is a great church, standing for truth and reaching out to their community’.

On Saturday 24 September, there were a series of well attended Creation seminars. Earlier that day the men’s breakfast had about 40 attending, with a number of unconverted there.

Prof. McIntosh added: ‘On Sunday 25 September, I had another shorter BBC interview in the morning, where I was also made welcome. I then took the two services at La Villiaze. All in all, it was a worthwhile time and there were many opportunities with unconverted people, both at the meetings and with the radio and press interviews’.

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