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Persecution: Pakistan – Asia Bibi

November 2016

Pakistan’s Supreme Court has been considering the final appeal of Asia Bibi, a Christian woman put onto death row after accusations of blasphemy.

During October, Christian advocacy agency Release International called on Pakistan’s notorious blasphemy laws to be repealed. Ms Bibi, who has been described as Pakistan’s highest profile prisoner, has been on death row since 2009, accused of blasphemy.

She became the first woman in the country to be sentenced to death for blasphemy after a row with other labourers. It started because her Muslim co-workers refused to drink water she had brought for them, because as a Christian they considered her to be unclean. Since then, a price has been put on her head and her family forced into hiding.

Release is urging that Asia be acquitted, set free and protected; and is pressing for Pakistan’s widely abused blasphemy laws to be repealed.