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Conference – Aber Conference 2016

October 2016 | by Basil Howlett

The long journey westwards on a busy weekend in August is well worthwhile, not just because of the beautiful drive over the Cambrian Mountains as you approach Aberystwyth, but far more because of the wonderful Aber Conference when you arrive.

Nearly 1,200 people of all ages attend, but the sight of so many eager young people pressing into the Great Hall of the university is very thrilling.

In the four main morning sessions, Joel Beeke preached from the closing chapters of Revelation, on ‘God’s great last words’. These included: the great marriage, the great white throne, the great new Jerusalem and the great invitation.

Our minds were illuminated, our hearts deeply moved and our wills stirred to action. Such also was the case in the evening meetings, when Bill Bygroves, Mike Reeves and Paul Yeulett preached. We were also blessed by the hearty singing of the best of the old hymns and the best of the new.

The Aber Conference, arranged by the Evangelical Movement of Wales, is far more than the main meetings. There were prayer meetings at the start of each day, children’s meetings, a missionary exhibition, open-air meetings on the promenade, seminars on key issues and a sports afternoon.

There was also ‘extratime’ for young people at the end of the day, ‘timeout’ for those a bit older and ‘prime time’ for those older still. These all go to produce a memorable time together.

The conference has been running for nearly 60 years. Not surprisingly many people return year after year, yet there are always new faces. There were endless opportunities for fellowship and a well stocked bookroom to provide good reading for many months.

Basil Howlett