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Induction – Glasgow City Free Church

October 2016

Rev. Allan Shearer was ordained and inducted to the role of assistant minister of Glasgow City Free Church, part of the Free Church of Scotland, at a service earlier this summer. This follows the retirement of Rev. Finlay Mackenzie six months earlier.

Around 150 people attended the service, which was led by Glasgow and Argyll presbytery moderator Rev Ivor MacDonald. He spoke from Romans 1:16-17 about not being ashamed of proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ.

The reading of such a text was enough to send tingles down the spine of every preacher, he explained. Preaching the gospel was an adventure: who knows what God will do?

Rev. Alasdair MacDonald spoke to Mr Shearer from Acts 15:7, about the God who chooses the preacher, congregation, message and outcome. Rev. Ian Watson, Mr Shearer’s former minister, addressed the congregation about not being called to simply fill in the gaps in church needs, but rather being enabled to use his gifts. He also spoke of the need for the flock to obey church leaders, in the Lord, and pray for them.

In giving thanks for the various welcome speeches, Allan Shearer expressed his gratefulness to his family, friends, and congregations whom he has served and where he has studied, but above all to God. 

He led his first service on Sunday morning in the city centre congregation, and is looking forward to sharing the workload of the church with the senior minister, Rev. Dr Colin Dow.

Speaking of the appointment, Dr Dow said, ‘We’re really excited about having Allan serve with us at this exciting stage of the congregation’s life. We’ve recently started lunchtime services to the local business community, and, with many other opportunities to reach the growing population of Scotland’s largest city, we look forward to seeing what God has in store for us together’.

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