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People – Rev. David S. Fraser 

October 2016 | by Ewan Wilson

On a sunny summer’s evening, a goodly number of the congregation of Shettleston, part of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) (FCC), met in the Redstones Hotel, Uddingston. They gathered to mark the retirement of Rev. David S. Fraser, having been called to Shettleston twelve years previously.

After a very pleasant meal, the session clerk, Mr Ewan Wilson, on behalf of the congregation, presented Mr Fraser with the recently republished set of the complete Works of John Knox, one of Mr Fraser’s great heroes of the faith. The clerk drew parallels between the two men’s callings as ministers: sword bearer, galley slave, confronter of rulers.

Elder Mr Alan Wilson then presented Mrs Marion Fraser with some items of jewellery and bouquets of flowers from the congregation. He noted that she was a ‘daughter of Barnabas’, ever ready with a word of encouragement for preachers and precentor alike. Mrs Fraser has also been a useful administrator, helping to keep pulpit supply schedules and other details accurate.

The couple were presented with a cheque as a small token of the affection and esteem in which they were held by the congregation.  Rev. David Fraser then suitably replied, reminiscing about various charges he has held since his ordination back in 1970: Mull, the South African mission field, and, latterly, Covenant College, Zambia, and his experiences in Shettleston.

He was grateful for the welcoming friendliness of the Shettleston congregation and how he always enjoyed great liberty in preaching there. He ended on an encouraging note of exhortation and prayer for the future witness.

Ewan Wilson

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