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Education – A unique book

October 2016 | by Roger Fay

Author Gareth Crossley has released a second edition of his unique, Christ-centred survey of the Old Testament. Entitled The Old Testament explained and applied, and aimed at the global English-speaking market, the first edition (2002) has been highly acclaimed and has helped pastors and preachers ministering in first- to third-world contexts.

The Old Testament explained and applied gives detail for each of the 39 books of the Old Testament on their historical settings and redemptive contexts. It highlights for each book, in a helpful and structured way, the messianic types, appearances and prophecies of Jesus Christ, as well as other key theological themes. There is a wealth of helpful maps, charts and illustrations, as well as topical indexes and a bibliography for further reading.

Fully researched and completely committed to the inerrancy of Scripture, the aim is to equip preachers to preach Christ from all the Scriptures. Preaching applications for today are set out for each Old Testament book.

First published by Evangelical Press in 2002, this well-produced second edition (2016) — printed by The Printing House, London — has new valuable material by the author.

D. J. Dickey, Pastor Emeritus of Glencullen Baptist Church, Portland, USA, says:‘I can say with no reservations, this is the best review of the Old Testament that I have ever come across!’ Dr Benjamin Shaw, Associate Professor of Old Testament, at Greenville Presbyterian Seminary, Indiana, says: ‘The best of its kind. As one who has taught Old Testament for more than a decade, I have read more than my fair share of such books, looking for the one to use for classes and to recommend to others. This is that book’.

828 pages; hardback with cover; £24.99 (incl. p&p). Orders: [email protected] or tel: 07974 843447.

Roger Fay

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