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Mission – Grace Baptist Partnership news

October 2016

Scotland has seen extensive mission work during the summer, with the Grace Baptist Partnership (GBP) organising a week-long evangelistic outreach in major Scottish cities.

According to a GBP newsletter, West Edinburgh saw its ‘best week of evangelism ever, with nearly 40 people participating, reaching 6,000 homes with gospel influence’. The team had a number of non-Christian visitors, many of whom were followed up with literature and further invitations.

The North Edinburgh partnership also witnessed God at work in helping the team to refurbish the hall for worship. One large family and three individuals have been attending Grace North. Another man is continuing Christianity Explored.

Meanwhile, in Perth, Wick, Penicuik and Johnshaven, GBP members were also committed to outreach. In Perth, they reached 2,500 homes with invitations to gospel meetings during August, where Ali McLachlan preached.

The newsletter continues, ‘It was so encouraging to distribute tracts with a lady who joined as a result of last year’s outreach. The Lord has added people and is strengthening the work at Perth. Continue to pray for Pastor Andrew and his wife Jill to know much encouragement’.

Meanwhile, Andy Vinten, who finished GBP’s Basic Training course, has been working to plant a church in the Aberdeenshire fishing village of Johnshaven. A couple from West Edinburgh were able to help with literature distribution. A recent Fish Festival gave opportunities to reach the town and invite more people to attend their Sunday meetings.