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Society – Transgender warning

October 2016

Transgender’s societal bandwagon is a ‘cult’ which ‘wants to do permanent physical harm to perfectly healthy bodies in the name of “love”, an American author has claimed.

Writing on the ‘American Conservative Website’, Rod Dreher cited dozens of letters from readers who are troubled by the ‘nightmare’ of having teens suddenly announce they are transgender, despite medical therapists knowing they are not transgender.

In one letter, a reader wrote: ‘Three of her closest friends have already had full transition, paid for by their parents, so it is difficult for her to understand why we won’t do the same’.

Another atheist biologist claimed he was ‘extremely worried about the transgender trend, as the science simply isn’t there to justify these radical interventions. However, scientists are terrified to speak out because of the general atmosphere in academia around these issues now’.

The author wrote: ‘It cannot be the case there are so many truly transgendered young people in the country. To call something with such severe physiological consequences a “fad” is too trite, but the transgender thing seems to be a faddish way for teenagers struggling to figure out how to relate to the world sexually, to resolve the normal stresses of the maturation process.

‘My belief is that there are and always have been teenagers who question their sexuality, and maybe even their gender identity, but most of them resolve these questions conventionally’.              

Party line

He cited a 2008 medical study, which found that most gender dysphoric youths had resolved their dysphoria by adulthood, without transitioning. He added: ‘Today we live in a cultural climate in which to have ordinary questions about one’s sexuality is to be drawn into a powerful cultural movement that is celebrated by the media, and that demonises anyone who challenges its radical claims.

‘They have torn down the cultural and psychological barriers that in the past would have guided young people through the often difficult psychosexual terrain of adolescence and early adulthood. Now there is no road map. To be lost is to find yourself, they say.

‘But to disagree with the party line, so to speak, is becoming literally unthinkable for their kids’ generation. We are going to have to take radical steps to withdraw from this popular culture if we are going to spare our kids its madness’.

He said: ‘Disengaged parents, a highly sexualised popular culture, and teenage peer pressure can conspire to destroy the spiritual, emotional and bodily integrity of teenagers.

‘The transgender fad strikes me as a different outworking of the same principle. Since the 1960s, we have built a culture around the valorisation of disordered sexuality. What we’re living through now is not an aberration, but the fulfilment of the Sexual Revolution’.