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Media – Life of Brian protest

September 2016

Christian charity director Richard Norton has slammed the decision of a local church to put on a screening of The Life of Brian.

The film, which parodies the life of Jesus, caused great controversy when it was produced in 1979 for its implicit and explicit blasphemy. However, during July, it was screened at a fund-raising event by a church in Leamington.

In a letter to local paper, the Leamington Observer, Mr Norton, UK director of Siloam Christian Ministries, criticised the actions of the church. He wrote: ‘As director of a local Christian organisation currently raising roughly £300,000 each year for projects in the developing world, I would like to register my disquiet about this screening which many fellow Christian believers throughout the world feel is blasphemous.

‘I feel we should question the wisdom about the screening in what is supposed to be a place of Christian worship. For many Christians, the contemplation of a Roman crucifixion brings horror and sadness, as we try to empathise with the suffering of Christ, which was only necessary because Jesus voluntarily laid down his life for everyone who claims him as their Saviour’.

Mr Norton commented on the fact that the event was intended to provide funds for All Saints Church, to pay for ‘its crumbling building so that it can be preserved for the future. ‘It may well be that the building can be preserved, but what about the faith of those who originally provided for its construction?’