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Mission – Christian Prison Resourcing

September 2016

There have been many doors closing and opening in the UK’s prison service and, according to the latest Christian Prison Resourcing (CPR) newsletter, some of these changes have affected CPR teams directly.

HMP Holloway has now closed. The last of the women prisoners have been relocated to other prisons and this means a change in location for Janette Houlahan, CPR’s women’s worker in the south.

Ms Houlahan is moving to continue her ministry at HMP/YOI Downview, in Banstead, Surrey. Many ladies who were in Holloway have been relocated here. The CPR has asked for prayer that she will be able to connect with those who attended Bible studies with her previously.

At the end of May, it was announced that HMP Kennet, in the north, was to close. The Merseyside prison is one of the establishments which John Hayes and his northern team visit weekly. HMP Liverpool Bible studies are on hold at the moment, so the team are waiting on news from there. However, the newsletter also stated, ‘As Kennet’s doors close, others have opened. Some of the northern team have now started holding Bible studies in HMP/YOI Hindley in Wigan.

‘In addition to this, the CPR team also held their first Bible study at HMP/YOI Foston Hall, in Derby, which was very encouraging’.

With the closure of Kennet, there will be a new prison (HMP Berwyn) opening at Wrexham, North Wales. Enquiries have been made into opportunities for the CPR team to lead Bible studies here.