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Mission – Solas at the Fringe

September 2016

The Solas Centre for Public Christianity (Solas SPC) held a series of outreach events over August as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival took place.

The Fringe arts festival, which attracts thousands with its artistic, musical, theatrical and comedic shows, this year featured more than 3,000 events, from 5-29 August.

While many of these are irreverent, the Edinburgh Solas Group and Buccleuch Free Church in Edinburgh themselves put on a programme of theatre and music events as part of the Fringe. There were also many Christian acts from across the world, seeking to engage with festival goers and communicate Christ and the gospel through their performance.

These included the visiting theatre company from Taylor University in Indiana, the New Scottish Arts and playwright Jerry Averill, American singer-songwriter Rachel Zylstra, the Alex MacDonald Band and Dundee-based Simon Kennedy Band.

On 24 September, there will be a Solas Connect training day. For more information, see