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Mission – Christ in Calais

September 2016

Most people would not venture into the migrant encampment known as the Calais Jungle, notorious for potential danger. Yet there are a few teams of Christians who visit regularly, including Dave Workman, evangelist with OAC Ministries (formerly known as the Open Air Campaigners).

Mr Workman says, ‘My guesstimate is that 70 per cent of those we encounter are actually migrants and not refugees. Yet some 30 per cent of them are genuine refugees, fleeing horrendous conditions. So with Bibles in one hand, and clothes and basic toiletries in the other, we try to bring spiritual and physical comfort’.

After Mr Workman explained the gospel to a Sudanese man in his mid-20s, he then stated his new belief in Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. He also said that when he made this decision, he immediately experienced ‘something amazing from my head to my heart’. 

Other suffering people also receive ministry from the team. One older man from Afghanistan showed his scars, inflicted by Taliban attacks. When a team member prayed for him, he broke down in tears. He received a Bible, tract and shoes from the team, with glad thanks. 

Perhaps the real impact of this difficult ministry lies in the future, as seen with one 16-year-old youth. He is a Christian from Afghanistan, but without any family. For a while, he chose to go around with Mr Workman, who was able to give him various supplies, Christian literature and the comfort of knowing that fellow believers will continue to lovingly present Christ to the suffering.

Susan Steiner

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