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Politics – ‘Cameron overruled me’

September 2016

David Cameron, former UK Prime Minister, overruled the former Secretary of State for Education after she attempted to make sex education mandatory in primary schools.

Nicky Morgan, who until the latest cabinet reshuffle was Education Secretary, had intended to ensure sex education became a statutory subject for all schools in England.

However, in reports from the Daily Telegraph and Independent, Mr Cameron battled her over the plans, eventually blocking them.

At present, primary schools in England and Wales are not required to teach sex education, but local authority maintained secondary schools must do so. The Department for Education has said that it expects the same from secondary academies, including free schools.

In February this year, the government resisted calls from MPs to make sex education a statutory subject in all primary and secondary schools in England, apparently after the former Prime Minister’s intervention.

Back in February, Humphrey Dobson, spokesman for the Christian Institute, stated: ‘Decisions about sex education should not be centralised. They should continue to be taken at the local level by teachers, parents and governors working in partnership. A national curriculum for sex education would see control taken away from schools and put in the hands of those who advocate the use of material which most parents would find unacceptable’.