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International – Humanitarian crisis

September 2016

Barnabas Fund has launched Project Joseph, stepping up the delivery of food aid to Zimbabwe and Ethiopia, which are facing a serious humanitarian crisis.

In Ethiopia, up to 10 million people are in danger of starvation. Two failed rainy seasons, followed by catastrophic flooding, have destroyed crops across large parts of a country in which the persecution of Christians is growing.

According to Barnabas Fund, the present famine is the worst in the country for 50 years, while in Zimbabwe more than 4 million people are in critical danger of starvation. Approximately 11.5 million of the population live off the food they grow themselves, but drought has caused 95-100 per cent crop failure.

Many families are reduced to one meal a day, sometimes less. Children are too weak from hunger to go to school. Hardly anyone has money to buy whatever food is available.

Barnabas Fund has been helping in the region since the food crisis of 2008/9, working through local churches to reach needy and vulnerable Christians in Zimbabwe and Ethiopia. So far, through its supporters, it has been able to provide more than 1,400 tonnes of food.

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