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Persecution UK: – Appalling injustice

September 2016

Christian anti-abortion campaigner Aisling Hubert is facing a £47,000 bill for legal costs after the Crown Prosecution Service derailed her attempt to prosecute gender-abortion doctors.

Christian Concern, whose sister organisation the Christian Legal Centre was supporting 23-year-old Ms Hubert in her private prosecution attempt, has urged Christians to contact their MPs about her situation and raise awareness of hidden gender abortion going on in the UK.

In a statement, Christian Concern said, ‘Please contact your MP and tell them about the huge costs Ms Hubert faces because of her efforts to bring gender-abortion doctors to justice. Ask your MP what they think about the fact she is facing such huge costs for taking her action to challenge gender abortion.

‘Also ask your MP to write to the Attorney General, asking for his view on the costs she faces, and on the CPS’s behaviour in refusing to release the video footage and in intervening in the case and dropping it’.

Punitive costs

Ms Hubert, who lives with her parents in East Sussex, has been ordered to pay a total of £36,000 to two doctors who were filmed by The Telegraph in 2012, offering abortion on the basis of the baby’s gender.

A further £11,000 of costs awarded against Miss Hubert, following an attempt to challenge the CPS’s derailment of her private prosecution, brings the total bill for her quest for justice to £47,000.

The Telegraph’s sting in 2012 filmed Manchester-based Dr Prabha Sivaraman and Birmingham-based Dr Palaniappan Rajmohan separately offering abortion to a pregnant woman who said she was carrying a female child but did not want to have a baby girl.

Newspapers at the time were certain this would result in both doctors being investigated and struck off. However, according to a report in The Telegraph in September 2013, the CPS told Scotland Yard not to charge the two doctors, ‘in a move which threw the UK law on gender abortion into doubt’.

Following a 19-month inquiry the CPS accepted there was sufficient evidence to warrant a prosecution with a ‘realistic prospect of conviction’. However, the CPS also told police that a ‘public interest test’ had not been met, upon which Ms Hubert decided to push for a private prosecution.

The CPS refused to release the video footage that would have been key to the case, and effectively quashed Ms Hubert’s prosecution, meaning she now has to pay the two ‘gender abortion’ doctors huge sums of money.

Unjust DPP

Andrea Minichiello Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, said, ‘The office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) was created to ensure justice was done, even where individuals didn’t have the resolve or resource to pursue a prosecution themselves.

‘But here we have seen the DPP’s office first refuse to prosecute and then block private prosecutions that were brought, as a last resort, in the pursuit of justice. This overreach of establishment power must be challenged.

‘Ms Hubert has been trying to bring to account two doctors who were prepared to break the law and allow the abortion of baby girls. Her attempts to seek justice have been persistently and vociferously undermined by the CPS.

‘We will support her in her forthcoming court appearance where she will argue the imposed costs are disproportionate and punitive, particularly because it’s unusual for costs to be awarded at all against a citizen who brings a private prosecution. We hope she will now be treated kindly in court and a just outcome will be reached’.