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Mission – TBS on Teesside

August 2016 | by Roy Mohon

On the evening of 7 June, Dr David Allen of the Trinitarian Bible Society (TBS) visited the Presbyterian Reformed Church at Stockton-on-Tees.

He gave an address entitled ‘A word for times of difficulty’, based upon Matthew 14:24-25. While in the path of godly obedience, the disciples alone on the boat were overtaken by a storm, just as we often are.

We were reminded, however, of three important truths: Christ is watching us in our needs; Christ is waiting to be gracious to us in our needs; and Christ walks out to help us in our needs. These are certainly good points to remember in our times of trouble, and were well illustrated from Scripture and experience. 

Dr Allen also reported on God’s wonderful provision for the TBS of the new head office building and told us of the various unexpected and precise providences whereby it all came about, including the necessary financing. This was very encouraging to hear, as London is so expensive for property.

We were given an overview of recent developments in Bible translation and distribution. It was heart-warming to hear how the Lord has provided translators and distributors covering diverse countries, such as Mongolia, Spain, Norway, Burma, India, Liberia, China and Russia, among others.

Often, as with Farsi, the users are not in distant Iran, but Europe. A time of refreshments afterwards gave opportunity for informal fellowship and perusal of the literature Dr Allen brought with him. Everyone seemed to consider it a very worthwhile evening.

Roy Mohon