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Conference – London Theological Seminary

August 2016 | by Robert Strivens

Ten students completed the two-year pastoral studies course at London Theological Seminary (LTS) in June.

At the LTS Annual Thanksgiving Service, which was held on 25 June, they spoke of their plans for future ministry or, in some cases, further studies. Between them, they would be going to preach the gospel in South Africa, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Fareham, Aberystwyth, Southall and south-east London.

Please pray for these men as they start out on full-time ministry, that they would preach Christ crucified boldly and powerfully, for conversions and the edification of the church.

Paul Mallard preached from Revelation 2:8-11, Christ’s letter to the church at Smyrna. Christ knew all about their troubles, but also their faithfulness to the gospel. He was risen from the dead and would give them victory.

The message for preachers and pastors is clear: persevere in Christ, through suffering of all kinds, for our future hope is assured. About 200 people were present for a most encouraging afternoon.

Robert Strivens

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