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Conference – P-word

August 2016

Two Christian organisations hosted a crucial conference, on Thursday June 23, to educate and equip church leaders to resist the damaging culture of porn.

Christian charity CARE and the Naked Truth project, an organisation which works with people suffering from pornography addiction, hosted ‘The P-word conference’, which explored the issue of pornography and practical ways the church can respond. 

More than 400 people, representing hundreds of churches, gathered at the Emmanuel Centre, in the heart of London, for the conference.

The conference time was in two main parts. The first, called ‘Open eyes’, explored the effects of porn on both children and adults, and porn’s impact on relationships, as well as looking at porn and neuroscience. The second, entitled ‘Free lives’ provided practical advice on how to help people resist pornography.

Leading experts from across the UK gave brief presentations and a dedicated prayer space was provided.


It is estimated there could be as many as 800 million pornography websites, with many offering free content. Meanwhile a recent Barna Group survey, The porn phenomenon, revealed a staggering 93 per cent of pastors today think the challenge of pornography is a bigger problem than ever before.

Nola Leach, chief executive of CARE, said: ‘We are living at a time where anyone can access unregulated online pornography anytime, anywhere. Porn is a massive problem in our churches and this conference is a rare opportunity to explore the issue from a clear, biblical perspective and look at practical ways we can resist this huge challenge.

‘We know God wants his people to be pure. But, faced with the reality of porn being more available now than ever before, the church is at a crossroads. We do not want to surrender to a culture of pornography consumption and our hearts’ desire is for the P-word conference to inspire church leaders with a fresh passion for purity and a fresh vision of how to help people who struggle with porn, in a grace-filled and informed manner’.

Ian Henderson, founder and chief executive of the Naked Truth project, said: ‘Many pastors now say pornography is a bigger problem than ever before. Church leaders have sat with heartbroken couples, partners feeling betrayed, and users fearful they have broken a relationship beyond repair because of pornography.

‘Some porn users talk of finding real people and relationships boring in comparison to the fake, yet hyper-stimulating, world of pornography.’