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Church – Synod on same-sex marriage

August 2016

Bishops, clergy and lay members of the Church of England’s ruling body, the General Synod, have been urged to sign a pledge to uphold biblical marriage.

Before its closed session in York, which was held from 10-12 July, pro-biblical marriage supporters called on the Synod not to water down the church’s teaching on marriage, as outlined in God’s Word.

The synod met to discuss calls for the church to provide a form of blessing on same-sex marriages. The two-day gathering was the culmination of two years of discussions on this topic, as part of the Church of England’s ‘Shared Conversations’ across England.

Following the York gathering, the House of Bishops is expected to put forward proposals on how to respond to same-sex relationships within the church.

Those opposed to revisionism urged members of General Synod to affirm Jesus Christ’s teaching on the issue as a ‘red line’ position, for all those who recognise Christ’s authority.

Andrea Williams, chief executive of Christian Concern, and a lay member of General Synod representing Chichester Diocese, said: ‘In the same-sex marriage debate, we hear all sorts of calls for us to listen to the Spirit’s guiding as to what God might be saying to the church at this time. The Holy Spirit never contradicts God’s Word. The Holy Spirit also never contradicts the specific words of Jesus himself’.

General Synod members were presented with a pledge card, reminding them of Jesus’ teaching on marriage and the Anglican understanding of marriage as found in the Book of Common Prayer.


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