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Family – Safe Families

August 2016

A seriously ill mother, who was scared to go into hospital for treatment in case her children were taken into care, has been thrown a lifeline by Christian charity Safe Families for Children UK.

Single mother Deborah Stephenson, who is chronically ill with fibromyalgia, refused to get the urgent knee replacement she needed, in case her two girls were taken from her.

Safe Families for Children, a Christian charity founded by Sir Peter Vardy, stepped in, and the charity will now host both of her girls while she has the operation.

Ms Stephenson said, ‘Before Safe Families were involved, I used to refuse to go into hospital, even though my health was deteriorating, because my children are my priority. I was too worried in case social services took my children from me, because I’m a single parent and I have no family ties’.

The charity partners with more than 20 local authorities and more than 500 churches across the UK, to help vulnerable children and parents in need.

It has so far helped more than 1,400 youngsters, who may have otherwise have had to go into care, through its network of 2,500 volunteers nationwide. It has provided more than 1,000 nights of respite care for youngsters.