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Media – Cliff Richard

August 2016

Sir Cliff Richard was unduly hounded by the British judiciary, Canon J. John, director of the Philo Trust, has claimed.

After the Crown Prosecution Services (CPS) announced Sir Cliff Richard ‘will face no further action over allegations of historical sex abuse’, Canon J. John called the manner of the investigation ‘disquieting’.

He said: ‘Whether by carelessness or design, the enquiry was carried out in a way that ensured the maximum possible publicity. And the sheer duration of the enquiry — almost two years — has produced the maximum possible psychological pressure.

‘Looking at the whole sorry and vastly expensive affair, I find myself wondering if there are now people in the CPS who are specifically seeking high-profile targets, with a view to dragging them down.

‘In a similar frame of mind, I find myself further asking whether, in an age in which it is fashionable to be openly opposed to religion and specifically to Christianity, Sir Cliff was targeted precisely because of his openly stated faith’.