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Politics – Named Persons update

August 2016

Scotland’s largest teaching union has backed a motion calling for the ‘workload, contractual and legal implications’ of the Named Person scheme to be investigated.

At the Educational Institute of Scotland’s (EIS) annual general meeting, delegates asked its council to investigate and report on how the role of named persons — which will fall to many teachers — affects their present workloads.

In a report from the Christian Institute, which is one of the partners of the ‘No to Named Persons’ (No2NP) campaign, EIS council member John Swinburne is believed to have said the scheme was a ‘misguided, stupid, nonsensical piece of legislation. And who will pick up the tab for it? It’s high time that we’re really, really clear about that’.

The move came after news that a handful of officials at one local authority had to cover for 80 named persons during school holidays.

The controversial scheme, which will appoint a state guardian to every child in Scotland to monitor their ‘wellbeing’, is set to come into force this month, but has come under fire since its proposal several years ago.