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International – Justice matters

July 2016

Traidcraft, the UK’s leading fair trade organisation, is launching its Justice Matters campaign, to highlight the urgent need for justice in international trade

The campaign intends to shine a light on the exploitative behaviour of some British companies overseas and asking the government to do something about it. There is currently a gap in British law that means it’s almost impossible to prosecute large companies when they cause serious harm abroad.

The Justice Matters campaign will centre on a petition asking the government to close this gap. The campaign highlights evidence of companies destroying livelihoods through toxic pollution, forcing people out of their homes to make way for new mines or plantations, and threatening violence if anyone questions what is taking place.

Andy Biggs, Traidcraft’s chief executive, said: ‘In the last ten years there have been hundreds of allegations of abuse from British companies abroad, but not one prosecution … The Justice Matters campaign is simply calling on the government to hold British companies to account for their actions abroad’.

Traidcraft believes that justice matters in business, so it often works at a local level in developing countries, helping to fight poverty through trade. The Justice Matters campaign will signify a two-month targeted effort to move the British government into action and thereby achieve a wide-reaching, international impact. (More information from:

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