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Conference – North Wales women 2016

June 2016

More than 200 women gathered in Wrexham, in March 2016, for the annual North Wales Women’s Conference.

The 2016 conference was called ‘Impossible love’ and focused on the book of Hosea, with teaching from Karen Soole, chairwoman of the Northern Women’s Convention.

Every year, the conference is organised by Gwersyllt Congregational Church, a Fellowship of Evangelical Congregational Churches’ church just outside Wrexham.

This is the fourth year the conference has been held in the centre of Wrexham, using the town’s memorial hall after it outgrew the church building in Gwersyllt in 2012.

Sian Graham was one of the delegates. She said: ‘In Karen’s teaching, comparisons were clearly drawn through the three sessions between Israel chasing after other gods and how we as Christians wander away from the Lord, distracted by the things of this world.

‘The picture God gives, through Hosea marrying the prostitute Gomer, is beautiful, as it clearly portrays God’s amazing grace in drawing us back to himself and righteously judging the world. The overwhelming message of Hosea is God’s amazing grace, God’s impossible love’.

Each delegate was given a card to take away, with the following verse, ‘I will heal their waywardness and love them freely, for my anger has turned from them’ (Hosea 14:4). Next year’s conference takes place on Saturday 25 March.

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