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Induction – Edinburgh

June 2016

A Church of Scotland congregation has appointed a new minister who has vowed to help it continue to grow and flourish.

In April, Rev. Stuart Irvin was inducted into the role at St Catherine’s Argyle Church in Edinburgh in front of 224 people, including family and friends. Mr Irvin, who is married to Lynne with whom he has two young children, was previously associate minister at St Andrew’s Parish Church in Arbroath for three years.

The 31-year-old said he was delighted to be joining an inspirational and energetic group of people who are deeply committed to their faith. He said, ‘I was encouraged by how welcoming the congregation were to me and my family. I was excited to see what they are doing and really encouraged by what they are about’.               

According to a statement on the Church of Scotland website, the former groundsman, who enrolled at the University of Aberdeen at the age of 22, said he was delighted so many people attended his induction service, including the leader of a Scripture Union camp where he became a Christian.

Mr Irvin, a keen climber and hill walker, said, ‘It was an uplifting service and I felt well supported by the congregation and all those who journeyed with me through my ministry formation’.


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