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Event – CLC International

June 2016 | by Michael Keen

CLC International (UK) has opened a new warehouse at Sandycroft, Flintshire, as the organisation (formerly known as the Christian Literature Crusade) enters its 75th year.

Neil Wardrope, international director of CLC International, spoke at the opening, which was a remarkable occasion attended by more than 160 people. The dedication of the building was carried out by the Bishop of Chester, Richard Foster.

According to William Mackenzie, ‘thanks were expressed to those who were involved in the putting together of this project and the Lord’s providence for it’. Guests present represented a combination of trade suppliers and CLC team members, both past and present.

At 95, Sandy Sanderson is one of the elder statesmen from CLC, but that did not stop him speaking at the event and reminding those gathered of CLC’s rich heritage. Gareth Mulholland from, which leases some warehouse space from CLC, encouraged everyone to create new working partnerships and avoid a silo mentality. The day concluded with a hog roast and refreshments.

Later this year, in June, there will be a 75th anniversary celebration, which will take place at High Leigh during the CLC International council meetings. The organisation is planning for representatives from every CLC country to attend, to provide a multicultural, multilingual experience.

There will be speakers, music, publishing displays, memories, a bar-b-que and much more. To attend, contact the CLC International office on [email protected] or 0114 281 2135.

Michael Keen

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